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Scopes January weather predictions are looming with at least 10 degrees below average temperature — accompanied by prolonged periods of strong cold. The predictions are so extreme that meteorologists apply the term ‘horror winter’ for long-term weather in Europe this year, according to Trouw.

vortex nederland

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Alle Vortex producten worden volgens strenge specificaties ontworpen en gefabriceerd. Ook de inspectie van producten en hun service worden geregeld vanuit hun moderne hoofdkantoor. Vortex biedt een uitgebreid assortiment van optische producten voor de vogelarij, schietsport, jacht en boogsport.
Leupold mark 4 About us. Votex is a Dutch manufacturer of machinery for maintenance operations in public green spaces, gardens and parks. The history of Votex, when it comes to developing and manufacturing the most specialised machinery for operations under the most varying circumstances, goes way back.

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vortex → wervelwind, draaikolk, maalstroom vortex → draaikolk, kolk, dwarreling, wervelwind Engels Uitgebreide vertaling voor vortex (Engels) in het Nederlands vortex: to vortex werkwoord (vortexes, vortexed, vortexing) to vortex (whirl down; swirl) dwarrelen; naar beneden zweven.
Leupold mark 4 6 24x50 m1 8888sc Vortex is an investment company founded in We invest in growing companies with a profitable core business that use technology as a differentiator. Vortex has applied an active approach since inception combining operating experience with investment know-how.
Vortex scope Ontdek de diensten van Vortex Technology Services, of neem contact op voor o.a. consultancy en ondersteuning.

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