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  • Canna vermeerderen To store cannas indoors over winter, wrap individual bulbs in newspapers or small paper bags and include a small amount of dry, sterile growing medium, such as peat moss or vermiculite. The growing medium will absorb moisture and help to prevent rot.

    Canna snoeien Overwinteren Canna Verzorging De wortelstokken die we als kuipplant bewaren hebben wel een beetje verzorging nodig. De potten staan op een plaats waar het niet kan vriezen en waar de temperatuur ligt om en nabij de 10 graden Celsius. Deze wortelstokken hebben bij tijd en wijle water nodig.
    Canna plant verzorging In early summer, a Canna ‘Cleopatra’ that overwintered outdoors surprised us by making an appearance in my wife, Mary’s, garden. It’s an amazingly attractive plant, and even before it bloomed.
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    'Cleopatra' is an unstable canna hybrid, which gives rise to these extraordinary combinations of color. Blooming from mid-summer to fall, this intriguing canna is perfect for the sunny border or large containers. A very popular cultivar since its introduction in

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    Cleopatra Canna Canna 'Cleopatra' Pronunciation: KAN-uh SKU # Write a review USDA Zone Your climate might be too cold for this plant: Change Location Buy Online Find In Store Add To Wishlist OVERVIEW DETAILS STYLE CARE HISTORY This Plant's Growing Zones: Your USDA Cold Hardiness Zone: Your climate may be too cold for this plant.

    Canna plant scheuren

    When growing Canna Cleopatra indoors, it is essential to maintain a consistent temperature between degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature drops too low, the plant may go into dormancy. Conversely, if the temperature gets too high, the leaves may start to yellow and drop off.

    Canna zaaien Cleopatra cannas will be great displays of yellow and red blooms and highlighted by large tropical green and purple color foliage all swirled into one. Cleopatra canna lillies are moderate in height at 36" and will bloom all summer long. Continuous Bloom or Rebloomer. Long Blooming. Heat Tolerant.