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The GraphQL API reference describes

Strapi provides a programmatic API to customize GraphQL, which allows: disabling some operations for the Shadow CRUD using getters to return information about allowed operations registering and using an extension object to extend the existing schema (e.g. extend types or define custom resolvers, policies and middlewares).
Bị thiếu The Strapi GraphQl playground is a development environment for you to interact with your Strapi application using GraphQl. Lets proceed by carrying out CRUD operations on our blog content using the playground. In order to interact with the GraphQL server, we either need to write a Query or a Mutation.

In this tutorial, you will Strapi GraphQL This plugin will add GraphQL functionality to your app. By default it will provide you with most of the CRUD methods exposed in the Strapi REST API. To learn more about GraphQL in Strapi visit documentation Install now npm yarn Copy npm install @strapi/plugin-graphql Last updated Create your own plugin.
strapi graphql speeltuin

Learn how to set up If you have PostgreSQL deployed, check your Strapi settings (Settings -> Users & Permissions Plugin -> Roles -> Permissions -> name of your collection type) and see if the checkboxes are unchecked and try to check them back. That did the trick for me Share Improve this answer Follow answered at Alex TechNoir 1 4

Getting Started with GraphQL. Strapi is an open-source headless CMS for creating quick and readily-manageable APIs. It allows developers to create flexible API structures with a beautiful user interface easily. It is also self-hosted, meaning you can build your APIs in the UI, and Strapi will still host and server the API endpoints for you.

The GraphQL API

1 Answer Sorted by: 2 The GraphQL endpoint is not managed via a route but via a middleware. So the policy system is not applied. You will not be able to remove access to this endpoint. but you can disable the GraphQL Playground GET /graphql by updating the GraphQL config files.

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nekrasovp , pm #2. If I understood you correctly, you are asking about Introspection Queries. For example, the following GraphQL syntax-text is asking the GraphQL server to return a list of all queries available to us from the schema: { __schema { queryType { fields { name } } } } Returns all mutations available to us from the.

Use a GraphQL endpoint in This integration guide is following the Quick Start Guide. We assume that you have fully completed its "Hands-on" path, and therefore can consume the API by browsing this url. If you haven't gone through the Quick Start Guide, the way you request a Strapi API with GraphQL remains the same except that you will not fetch the same content.

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