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The Galen Hooks Method is currently offered for those 16 years of age or older. We accept video submissions for those younger than 16 years of age with advanced experience. Please send a link to assistants@ showcasing your dance ability and we will assess your placement! The youngest student has been 10, oldest has been 60!.

I love you galen hooks The World Famous Dance Presents World Renowned Choreographer Galen Hooks an American choreographer, dancer, actress, songwriter, and.

Sweet dreams galen hooks Hooks, 31, has worked with more than 60 artists, including Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Ne-Yo and Rihanna. She has successfully stepped into the roles of choreographer, director, actress and teacher. This year alone she’s had four class videos go viral, with one reaching more than million views on YouTube.
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Hooks is the founder of THE GALEN HOOKS METHOD, transformational intensives for various, focusing on limited class sizes and direct feedback. She also teaches standalone dance classes across the US and internationally. During lockdown, Hooks began offering her classes and events digitally. [9].
Galen hooks method Galen Hooks is an LA native who has been in the entertainment industry for two decades. Her versatility and experience have rendered her one of the most respected and sought after performers in the business. With a unique artistic approach to dance and choreography, she has created a style that is instantly recognizable and entirely individual.
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    Celebrity choreographer and producer Galen Hooks. Two Master Classes. Dallas, TX. *Location TBA* Heels Master Class - PM Hip Hop Master Class - PM Register today at.
    Skelett beschriften 5 klasse The celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month included a master class on creativity with Galen Hooks. Galen Hooks is a well-respected choreographer, creative director, producer, singer/songwriter, and actress who worked on multiple Disney channel specials, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and choreographed for artists including Camila.