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Samsung fake moon How to use Moon Mode The first thing we will have to do is open the camera app and make sure that Photo mode is enabled. Then we point the phone at the moon and slide up or down to adjust the zoom level. We can also pinch the screen with two fingers to do it.
Huawei p30 pro moon mode In Photo mode, aim the camera at the moon and spread your fingers on the viewfinder to adjust the zoom to 10x or more. After identifying the moon, your came You can take photos of the moon using either of the following modes: Moon mode: Open Camera.

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Using Moon Mode, a HUAWEI P30 Pro owner can take a close-up picture of the moon with no tripod or zoom lens necessary. Reportedly, the feature works by using the phone’s periscope zoom lens.

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How to use Moon Mode: Open Camera and select Photo mode. Tap on AI icon to enable Master AI. Aim the camera at the moon and spread your fingers on the viewfinder to adjust the zoom to 10x or more. When your phone detects the moon, it will automatically enter Moon mode. Touch shutter to take a photo.

Huawei P30 Pro hoes Since the moon mode mechanism is based on AI machine learning technologies, the camera of the device identifies the surroundings as well as the subject in a better way. As a result, it flashes more focus and exposure to amplify the details. For instance, shapes, colors, highlights, shadows, and more.

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Huawei heeft een Moon Open Camera, and select a shooting mode. Touch AI, and ensure that Master AI is enabled. Adjust the moon to the center of the frame and gradually zoom in to 10x or higher. If the moon is correctly identified, a small moon icon is displayed, as shown in the following figure. When the moon is detected and in focus, touch the shutter button to shoot.

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Huawei has used stunning close-up photographs of the moon to promote the Moon Mode on the Huawei P30 Pro. The images shot without a tripod, use the periscope-like zoom lens and AI-based algorithms to create these images of the moon. The user guide for the phone has fairly simple and straightforward instructions.
* Aanbieding: mode van 03 In response to these claims, Huawei stated that moon mode, "recognizes and optimizes details within an image to help individuals take better photos." Huawei said the amount of storage that would be required to replace pictures of the moon with paintings of the moon is unrealistically huge.