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Mirrorlink samsung Volkswagen currently offers three interfaces for connecting with smartphones, with numerous options: Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™ by Google and MirrorLink®. The wireless connection option for the Ready 2 Discover, Discover Media and Discover Pro navigation systems makes the use of Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ by Google.

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With MirrorLink, you no longer do without this practical help, even when you’re at the wheel. 1 Simply connect your MirrorLink-enabled smartphone with your vehicle and conveniently use your apps from the screen of your infotainment system.
Volkswagen mirrorlink activeren MirrorLink brings content from your smartphone into your infotainment out how you can easily connect to MirrorLink on your Volkswagen.#volkswage.

App-connect vw car makers are using a tcenology called mirrorlink () which allows the smartphone to use the car's integrated tactile screen. Obviously the car and the phone must implement the technology, but the app also must be compatible (and have an "in car" mode). Having waze compatible with this technology would be really interesting.

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Step 2: Open the apps drawer and go to Settings. Step 3: Select MirrorLink. If you can’t locate MirrorLink in Settings, check out for available networks in More Networks or tap the MirrorLink connection notification. Step 4: Finally, check the Connect to vehicle via USB checkbox.

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I was just wondering if it would be possible to have the Waze app MirrorLink certified so it can work on capable car infotainment systems. - Having this capability will make Waze easier to access when a user is in need of it since Waze becomes an app on the infotainment system itself.
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App connect volkswagen gratis VW Golf R - MIB II - Mirror Link in action. Video of test proving it works while in motion (and almost hitting the fence at the end of my driveway in the process): VW Golf R with Video In Motion + MirrorLink in action on US MIB2 " screen. Screenshot of my Android Tablet model and version info.
mirrorlink volkswagen waze
Kosten app-connect vw I went out and bought a used Sony Xperia phone on eBay thinking I could finally get Waze to work using MirrorLink, but it stops playing as soon as I start driving. I thought the Video In Motion VIM unlock was not necessary but now I'm reading B4YM4X's post that you actually do need to unlock VIM in order for the Sony phone to work while driving.
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