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  • Xbox one x Ion Fury to retain homophobic content after all | ResetEra Staff have decided to place a soft ban on topics concerning AI content generation and their algorithms like Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT. You can read more about the update here. Ion Fury to retain homophobic content after all Biestmann Discussion Gaming Forum 1 2 3 25 Next.

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    Ion Fury drama returns on resetera with digital foundry's video on the console port. (Bonus: Sakura Wars made a French Editor want to throw up) Wikipedia section on the controversy about this game for a reminder Technical Warning for Ion Fury on Xbox One (all consoles?) - ResetEra Post 4: This is the transphobic game correct?.
    Xbox series x . #1. So a little retro inspired game called Ion Fury just released its console ports and DF did a technical review. They’ve been fairly cozy with Resetera and made a thread to promote the video. Within a few messages, the usual suspects took the thread off topic and began to question the video’s creator why he didn’t admonish.

    Waar we binnenkort dieper

    Over the weekend, developers at Voidpoint who made the recent throwback 3D shooter Ion Fury found themselves at the center of a firestorm of controversy. Like most indie developers, Voidpoint had a Discord for Ion Fury's development wherein developers of the game would have conversations with fans. Screenshots emerged on Friday wherein.

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    Resetera wants Ion Fury developers FIRED! YellowFlash 2 K subscribers Join Subscribe K Share Save 21K views 3 years ago #IonFury Check out my store!.
    Keer terug naar een apocalyptische Ion Fury transphobia As reported on by both GameRevolution and The Gamer, ResetEra has unearthed disgusting and fowl transphobic messages on 3D Realms’ public Discord server.

    Gelukkig blijf ik wel aanwezig Members of the Ion Fury development team caught using derogatory language, and in a multiple cases, degrading remarks about transgender individuals. Multiple screenshots taken from the official Discord server for the recently released retro 3D shooter Ion Fury posted to the Resetera forums have shown members of the game's development team using.

    Ontdek samen een wereld vol It was far worse than the stuff posted on resetera. You even suggested anything that could be seen as progressive and the manchildren would start warbling and the devs would do nothing about it. I figured since there was no outrage i was kinda stuck with it but I think with the controversy i might be able to get a refund so i can pull my support.
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